About Us

– Lux4 Media enables Brands, Agencies and Individuals to amplify the digital footprint of their existing & newly created content with targeted digital campaigns, specific to location & demographic, across all current social media platforms. Lux4’s name is inspired by the McKinsey ‘Luxury 4.0’ Report that refers to the ways in which luxury brands leverage digital data to better understand their customers.  McKinsey estimates that around 80% of luxury items bought online today are heavily digitally influenced, with consumers engaging with up to 15 digital touchpoints in their luxury purchasing journeys. We aim to be the first point of contact for appreciators of a luxury lifestyle and create content that appeals to them.

– Lux500 is a collaborative, curated Luxury YouTube channel, currently uploading our hand-picked catalogue of Luxury films, completing the collection with our 500th video going live on 31st December 2021. Each year thereafter, our channel will change by one film per day. Our unique platform highlights some of the finest things in life including couture fashion and accessories, exquisite resorts, breath-taking art, coveted watches and precious jewellery. Each of our carefully chosen high-definition videos link back to their original website allowing you the chance to view each luxury product directly from source.

– Talent Bank is Lux4 Media’s parent company and an exciting creative conduit between Talent and the world’s most sophisticated and commercial digital broadcast platforms, specifically helping Traditional Talent navigate the complex digital world of the YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok and Instagram.  Talent Bank has also created a unique YouTube & Social Media Amplification Engine that positions Brand and Talent video content in the direct eye-line of targeted digital consumers, based on specific locations and detailed demographics.

For further information please contact us : www.lux4.com/contact-us

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