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Jungle Home: Sustainable Architecture

Introducing Clinton Cole’s innovative building design that cultivates its own eco-system. This Australian property is able facilitate agriculture and edible fishponds.

Located in Sydney, Australia, CandC Architectural Workshop have created a concept house built with recycled materials. The property also boasts a rooftop garden for growing fruit and vegetables, alongside an advanced aquaponics system.

This house is revolutionizing the idea of sustainable urban living because solar power, green spaces, and habitats for perch are incorporated into this oasis. The intricate aquaponics system reuses the nitrogen-rich water from the fishpond to irrigate and fertilize plants around the house. Rainwater is then collected and filtered, before being introduced to the pond.

The Jungle Home was designed as a response to emerging climate crises, especially prevalent due to Australian bushfires, and is a model for the future of sustainable housing.

Combatting Climate Change

Cole wanted to harness the power of natural energy so that the house continues to be sustainable in the long-term. To achieve this, wind turbines and solar panels have been installed across the outside of the building and used to power internal systems.

Recycled timber and steel have been used in many components throughout the renovation, such as the grand staircase that connects all three-storeys. This enabled the construction of the property to have low carbon emissions. Cole’s entire ethos of responsibility is revealed here because ecological impact was clearly at the core of this project.

The regenerative qualities of the Jungle Home show that the future of housing can be more sustainable, while also achieving a definite sense of luxury.

To Watch the Full Video, Click Here: This Australian Jungle Home Combats Climate Change w/ Its Own Ecosystem | Dwell – YouTube

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