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KINKÁRA: Luxury Retreat

This luxury wellness resort in Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for Eco-Tourism. Through regenerative practices like reforestation, Kinkára are able to support their land, local community as well as visitors.

Buried at the foot of Mount. Chirripo, Kinkára offers a unique immersive experience where you can become one with the nature around you. A retreat here prioritises personal relaxation in all forms, such as meditation, hikes, and yoga classes that broaden the mind while also taking care of the body.

A wealth of activities is on offer at this exclusive retreat. Visitors are encouraged to embark on adventures into the surrounding jungle where they can swim in waterfalls and explore the amazing biodiversity of Costa Rica’s southern zone. Moments of self-discovery are offered through real connections to nature, creating new perspectives about serenity and applying this to daily life. Signature experiences at Kinkára include Permaculture tours, Horseback Riding, and the curative Temazcal-Inspired Sweat Ceremony. This ceremony channels the steam from hot volcanic rocks and invites the healing powers of Mesoamerican wisdom to work.

Kinkára features Epicurean Earth-to-plate cuisine whereby all ingredients are grown on site and each meal is crafted to be healthy and memorable.

Green by design

Not only are visitors encouraged to live sustainably during their stay, but the retreat itself was designed to be ecological:

‘At every turn we’ve made a sustainable choice – from our hardwood floors and furnishings crafted at our own wood shop using sustainable timber, to solar powered lighting in our tents and our selection of all-natural amenities.’

Kinkára have a focus on no-waste operations which include the banning of single-use plastics and reusing materials. For example, their kitchen has reduced its plastic waste by over 90% through original solutions and found numerous ways to put organic waste to good use through composting efforts.

To Learn More about this Eco-Friendly Wellness Retreat, Watch the Full Video Here: Kinkára, Costa Rica on Vimeo

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