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Lux4 Media enables Brands, Agencies and Individuals to amplify the digital footprint of their existing & newly created content with targeted digital campaigns, specific to location & demographic, across all current social media platforms.

Lux4’s name is inspired by the McKinsey ‘Luxury 4.0’ Report that refers to the ways in which luxury brands leverage digital data to better understand their customers. McKinsey estimates that around 80% of luxury items bought online today are heavily digitally influenced, with consumers engaging with up to 15 digital touchpoints in their luxury purchasing journeys. We aim to be the first point of contact for appreciators of a luxury lifestyle and create content that appeals to them.

Our target demographic target is Millennial and Gen Z consumers who now account for over 40% of all luxury purchases.  In 2019, they generated 100% of all global luxury industry growth and by 2025 they are likely to be the main contributor to the projected online luxury sales estimate of $91 billion. Lux4 Media fully understands the digital market, produces award-winning high quality television and digital films, has access to over 5,000 creative Influencers and is able to directly promote Brands and Products to targeted consumers via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

The luxury travel sector is worth over $500bn, the luxury car market $400bn, the personal goods sector $250bn, the global wine & spirits industries $66bn and the global fine food industry $45bn. Classic luxury is clearly popular and a thriving industry, Lux4 Media recognises this, but wants to also incorporate more modern forms of luxury that are often overlooked because of their youthful clientele, despite their large and loyal fanbases. This means our Lux500 curated YouTube channel (as shown on this website) features films from streetwear brands, gaming developers, high concept promotional material and celebrity endorsement.

Lux4 Media is very conscious of the way modern luxury has embraced sustainability and good environmental practices. A recent Nielsen study showed that 73% of Millennial respondents were willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable or socially conscious brand. Furthermore, 81% of Millennials expect brands to be transparent in their marketing and actively talk about their sustainability impact. Lux4 Media believes it is important to evolve and change, aligning our content with the values of our followers.

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