A visual guide to modern luxury.

Welcome to Lux500, our collaborative, curated Luxury YouTube channel. We are currently uploading our hand-picked catalogue of Luxury films, completing the collection with our 500th video going live on 31st December 2021. Each year thereafter, our channel will change by one film per day.

Our unique platform highlights some of the finest things in life including couture fashion and accessories, exquisite resorts, breath-taking art, coveted watches and precious jewellery. Each of our carefully chosen high-definition videos link back to their original website allowing you the chance to view each luxury product directly from source.

Lux500 is a multi-platform digital channel that is also housed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, each showcasing the world’s most desirable luxury goods.

We work hard to respond to current trends and highlight content that aligns with our strong values. We also create our own content, for example, our Ecotorials report on global luxury innovations and trends with specific attentiveness towards ecology and sustainability. The articles document revolutionary partnerships and conservation programmes that well-known brands commission and provide a refreshing insight into the modern luxury market.

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