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A visual guide to modern luxury.

Welcome to Lux500, our collaborative, curated Luxury YouTube channel. We are currently uploading our hand-picked catalogue of Luxury films, completing the collection with our 500th video going live on 31st December 2021. Each year thereafter, our channel will change by one film per day.

Our unique platform highlights some of the finest things in life including couture fashion and accessories, exquisite resorts, breath-taking art, coveted watches and precious jewellery. Each of our carefully chosen high-definition videos link back to their original website allowing you the chance to view each luxury product directly from source.

Lux500 is a multi-platform digital channel that is also housed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, each showcasing the world’s most desirable luxury goods.

We work hard to respond to current trends and highlight content that aligns with our strong values. We also create our own content, for example, our Ecotorials report on global luxury innovations and trends with specific attentiveness towards ecology and sustainability. The articles document revolutionary partnerships and conservation programmes that well-known brands commission and provide a refreshing insight into the modern luxury market.

Compiling the Lux500:
Our team at Lux500 approached multiple bright, focused, diverse and empathically engaged participants between the age of 19 and 26 to rate and comment on our initial collection of over 500 videos, that our research team had spent over 6 months compiling.  Creating a 1/10 rating and requesting in-depth comments from each participant, we analysed the ratings and feedback both quantitatively and qualitatively, merging the results to create an average rating and a general overview on each video.  For our Channel launch, we took the 259 films that scored an average of 8 and above and are now committing to the same process in order post a further 241 films between now and the 31st December.

Feedback, trends & engagement:
Sustainability has a very prominent place in the modern luxury market.  We found that brands producing ecologically charged campaigns and those funding conservation programmes were much higher regarded than brands that did not. Not only were their films rated higher, but the comments suggested a more positive perception of the brand, even if the content was not focused on sustainable practices.

Diversity in the representation of models within our selection of films appeared to create a more desirable product for our participants, who found them more relatable.

Inclusivity of under-represented groups meant that the brand was perceived as modern, innovative, and open-minded, which appealed to our participants who commented they would actively seek out products from these brands in the future.

Intersectionality within a single film was regarded positively by the participants.  For example, the presence of a classic car in the background of a film promoting a watch, or a fashion launch in an art gallery, seemed to be more aesthetically pleasing than a film featuring a single luxury product.

Collaborations between well-established brands such as The North Face X Gucci were extremely highly rated, creating excitement and anticipation.

Transparency of brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior releasing in-depth videos on how their most popular products are produced, was hugely appreciated.  Monikered ‘Savoir-Faire’, these behind-the-scenes style films portraying the skills and craftmanship required to produce a product were exceptionally admired by our participants.

Ultimately, the time, effort and diligence building the Lux500 has led us to understand our audience better, identify popular trends in the luxury market and unlock the full potential of a curated luxury catalogue.

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