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BLANCPAIN: Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain’s limited edition watch collection supports marine conservation efforts. Unveiled in 2014, the initiative is now in its third generation and has contributed around 250 million euros to projects that enhance the understanding and preservation of ocean environments.

There are currently five watches in this three-generation collection, and only 250 available to purchase. This collection is very exclusive and acts as a pledge to Blancpain’s solid and continuous dedication to conservation.

The newest timepiece in the collection is an adaptation on the classic 1953 model that has defined diving watchmaking ever since its release. The Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III is ‘loyal to the DNA of the original watch, the BOC III timepiece houses a reliable and robust self-winding movement, caliber 1151, which achieves a four-day power reserve.’

With sapphire crystals and blue accents, the entire collection is recognizable as a reference to the oceans which separates it from other Blancpain models. Furthermore, they are all fitted with a ‘40mm-diameter satin-brushed steel case, an exclusive diameter reserved for limited edition Fifty Fathoms timepieces.’

Ocean Commitment

Multiple partnerships have been formed in order to create active programs that focus on the exploration and protection of threatened marine habitats.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, The Economist’s World Ocean initiative and the National Geographic Society’s Pristine Sea Expeditions have all helped manifest this project.

By working together, Blancpain have championed many exploration achievements, paving the way for real conservation. Fregate Island, located in the Seychelles, was selected for an experimental coral restoration project that encourages biodiversity in reefs:

‘800 storm-derived coral fragments were transplanted onto artificial structures’ and monitored. Gathered data has served as a long-term resource to aid the further protection of reefs.

To Watch and Learn More, Click Here: Conservation around Fregate Island – YouTubeConservation around Fregate Island | Blancpain Ocean Commitment (

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