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Sana Jardin: The Socially Conscious Fragrance House

Founded by Amy Christiansen, Sana Jardin is a sustainable perfume brand that works to ‘economically empower women hidden at the base of the supply chain.’

Sana Jardin is an international leading brand, trading in prestigious spaces like Liberty London, along the Champs Élysées strip, and The Four Seasons Resort & Spa in the United Arab Emirates to name a few. Offering individual fragrances, discovery sets, as well as scented candles, this luxurious brand boasts a full range of high-quality and upcycled products.

Christiansen’s sustainable ethos is integrated into every part of Sana Jardin’s manufacturing and distribution process. Apart from the revolutionary Orange Blossom Project, Sana Jardin are Leaping Bunny approved (cruelty free), and use recycled materials in their packaging. The incredible effort that the fragrance house makes, sets an example for the rest of the Cosmetics industry, providing a glimpse into the future of sustainable luxury.

The Orange Blossom Project

Sana Jardin has committed to delivering real support networks for the local community from which they source their fragrance ingredients.

Built on the principles of a circular economy, the sustainable fragrance house has created a unique model whereby workers and natural landscapes are not exploited, but in fact enriched, through the process of perfume manufacturing.

900 tonnes of Orange Blossom by-product is harvested annually and usually placed into landfill by other perfumeries. However, Sana Jardin harnesses the local land by using essential oils rather than the letting it go to waste. Their bestseller, Berber Blonde, is a prime example of this.

Sana Jardin’s Orange Blossom fields are harvested three times a year by indigenous Moroccan women. There is no outsourcing or undercutting involved in this supply chain, the brand has even formed a cooperative to support their staff. Partnered with Nest (a Non-Profit) and Les Aromed du Maroc, ‘Annamaa’ trains the women in the supply chains to build up their own micro-enterprises.

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