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The new Sony prototype, the VISION-S is the newest in electric and intelligent automobility. 2021 sees the public road testing of this innovative project.

Austrian roads have been the first to see Sony’s concept car as it undergoes dynamic testing. Before even being commissioned for production, the VISION-S has won two commendations: Best of the Best Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020 and was selected as 2020’s Best 100 in the Good Design Award.

With 40 sensors total and artificial technology at work, the car can detect road obstacles offering full driver assistance and autonomous parking. The Advanced Digital Mirror System and Lane Change Proposal enables the car to make safe driving decisions. Furthermore, interior sensors recognize facial expressions of passengers that can detect tiredness levels, automatically adjusting temperature and comfort settings for maximum performance. Lip Reading is also monitored so that the car can respond to the driver’s requests with high accuracy under virtually any noise conditions.

Many have marveled at the VISION-S prototype because it encapsulates the future of mobility. Lázló Kishonti, CEO of Almotive, explains ‘there are two current trends in the automobile industry: electrification and adding intelligence … the Sony project is about both.’

Ecological Impact

Electric cars have been proven to be more environmentally friendly than other petrol or diesel alternatives. 

They produce fewer greenhouse gases, cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, electric cars use half as much fossil fuel even when being supplied by fossil fuel-burning plants.

Sony has disclosed that the dual electric motor is complete with 268bhp. VISION-S has a top speed of 149mph and can go from 0-62 in 4.8 seconds.

The potential of this prototype is vast because the combination of artificial intelligence with sustainability creates a new scope for growth:

‘Moving from the conventional group of independent systems to a system that has the potential to continue growing in real time, with the VISION-S Prototype, Sony is pursuing a car that never stops evolving.’

To Watch the Full Videos, Click Here: VISION-S | Public Road Testing in Europe – YouTube

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