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Louis Vuitton X UNICEF

Louis Vuitton’s #MAKEAPROMISE campaign has been renewed through the release of brand-new products. The launch of new colours and products solidifies the brand’s commitment to helping vulnerable children.

The partnership between Louis Vuitton and UNICEF was formed to help raise awareness and funds to support children around the world. Since the brands first collaborated in 2016, Louis Vuitton sales have ‘raised nearly US $13 million for children at risk.’

Associated with the campaign is the hashtag ‘MAKEAPROMISE’ that has had global recognition online. It invites people to raise awareness through sharing a picture of a pinky promise with a loved one. ‘Linking Pinkies’ symbolises the collective effort to band together and encourage donations to children in areas affected by war and poverty.


The Silver Lockit bracelet takes inspiration from Georges Vuitton’s tumbler lock created in 1890. Originally, the lock was for protecting a client’s most precious possessions and has now been used as the imagery to seal one’s promise. Now with four new colours, the bracelet has become more available, each sale donating $200 to UNICEF projects:

‘Incorporating recycled silver and organic cotton cord for the first time, the Silver Lockit bracelets feature the iconic padlock as well as the LV signature circular logo.’

The Doudou Louis teddy bear characterizes the collection. It is the first product that is for children and forges a connection between the owner and the children being helped. Pastel colours and fun embroidery make the bear a display piece as well as a toy.

Crafted from organic cotton, ‘this high-quality item will delight children and serve as a playful keepsake.’

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