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TIFFANY & CO: Diamond Source Initiative

The most luxurious gift in the world is now traced from source to seller. Leader of the diamond industry, Tiffany & Co. are dedicated to providing the highest quality gems.

In January 2019, Tiffany & Co. committed to 100% geographical transparency about the providence of their diamonds. In November 2020, they took this one step further and created the Diamond Source Initiative which logs and traces each diamond through every step of its craftmanship journey.

Every new diamond can be traced back to its country and region of origin, meaning that each gem can be trusted in terms of legitimacy and quality. This program has been so carefully thought out that 1500 expert artisans were employed to ensure that this initiative is as successful as it can be.

Tiffany & Co. is proud to be the ‘first global luxury jeweler to provide information on the larger diamond craft journey, including where [their] stones are cut, graded, polished, and set.’

Death On The Nile

An upcoming film, ‘Death on The Nile’ is set to feature a large collection of diamonds from the renowned jeweler. This grand motion picture, with a stellar high-profile cast, uses The Tiffany Diamond as a main prop for the plot of this murder mystery.

A recreation of this remarkable 128.54-carat diamond will be worn by Gal Gadot’s character and is celebrated in the film as one of the world’s most coveted possessions. In celebration of this collaboration, Tiffany & Co. are set to release a collection of yellow and white diamond pieces that can all be tracked through the Diamond Source Initiative.

This initiative is an excellent asset for the owner of Tiffany items, but also encourages other players in the diamond industry to work sustainably:

’We believe there should be nothing opaque about a Tiffany Diamond.’

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